Editorial n°5




To learn about THE GUESTS OF HONOUR of our official guests, and to share these beautiful cultural friendships they have developed over time, just click on the names in green.



Ron Whitehead – USA

Frank Messina – USA



Leah Maines – USA

Melora Walters – USA

David Amram – USA

Ilene Starger – USA

Phil Abrams – USA

Michelle Bitting – USA

Susanna Rich – USA

Michael Nachtigal – USA

Les Bernstein – USA

Jimi Jamison – USA



Natalie Janz – Switzerland

Stevie Salas – USA



Cécile Oumhani – France

Ana Seferovic – Serbia



Beşir Sevim – Turkey

Murat Özyaşar – Turkey

Yavuz Ekinci – Turkey

Seyyidhan Kömürcü – Turkey

Abdullah Ataşçi – Turkey



Rodica Draghincescu – France

Cervena Barva Press & Gloria Mindock – USA

Yves di Manno – France

Andrej Lasarew – Germany

Guy Goffette – France

Volker Demuth – Germany

Nicole Brossard – Canada

Robert Şerban – Romania

Devis Grebu – Romania-France

Marie Laurens Taleb – The United Arab Emirates

Marlène Tissot – France–England

Bernard Molinié – France

Francis Denis – France

Suzana Fântânariu – Romania

Abdelmajid Benjelloun – Morocco

ALIFAIR – France

Daniel Leduc – France

Béatrice Bonhomme-Villani – France

Stella Vinitchi-Radulescu – USA

Judith Lefebvre – Canada

Yann Venner – France

Yannick Torlini – France

Cordesse – France

Natalia Litvinova – Argentina

Walter Ruhlmann – France

Rudolf Kraus – Austria

Norbert Mayer – Austria

Simona-Grazia Dima – Romania

Cristophe Renkès – France

Mirela Roznoveanu – USA

Angela Boeres-Vettor – Luxembourg

Marcia Slatkin – USA



Suzana Fântânariu – Romania

Robert Zsombori – Romania



François Xavier – France

Jeanne Fayard – France

Serge Scotto – France



Lucille Lang Day – USA

Robert Sward – USA

Gloria K. Alford – USA

Susan Duhan Felix – USA

Nellie Hill – USA

Timothy Houghton – USA

Judith McCombs – USA

Adam David Miller – USA

Barbara Rogers – USA

Mary Rudge – USA



Tim Mücke – Germany

Eva Förster – Germany

Nora Schmidt – Germany

Cornelia Manikowsky – Germany

Tuncay Gary – Germany



Michael Nachtigal – USA

Until June – USA

Paul Clark – USA



Ana Seferovic – Serbia

Tamara Suskic – Serbia

Tatjana Suskic – Serbia

Ljubavnici – Serbia

Manja Ristic – Serbia

Snezana Mocovic – Serbia

Simonida Rajcevic – Serbia

Mihajlo Jovanovic – Serbia

Aleksandar Maricic – Serbia



!!! As well as all these  authors, there are

 other artists and writers who have contributed individually,

such as: Alexandra Joly, Séverine Le Burel, Aurore Reichert, Eric Havez, Marie-Jeanne Heusbourg, Anita Rutili, Rita De Marco (France) etc.





A synergy of poetry, prose (points of view, reports, essays, novel excerpts, reviews and reading notes, friendly thoughts, interviews, ethnology studies, psych stories, cultural information), music (mp3s to listen to, video clips to watch), photographs and pictorial expressions, as well as high-quality performances. Fascinating avenues, proposed by our collaborators.

Not to be missed: the sharp eye and the salutary therapeutic sessions ofpsychiatrist Rolande Scharf, etc.

Levure littéraire  in its electronic generalist, and multidisciplinary version (specificity of the current cultural terrain), in the service of creation and literary exchanges!






Who are we?

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We are a handful of workers of the imagination. For identify us, click on the link for the editorial committee.



Rodica Draghincescu

Publisher and editor of the publication


Translation: Howard Scott

 (Montreal, Canada)


* Yeast is a single-celled fungus that causes fermentation in organic animal or plant material. (Wikipedia)

* Levure littéraire is a quarterly virtual literary journal.