Dr. Shamenaz Sheick


Dr. Shamenaz Sheick






Paradise on Earth


Paradise on Earth! Kashmir,

there is beauty, colours & fragrance,

in every inch of your land,

holiness of Charar-e-Shariff and Hazratbal.


Where there is velvety floweriness

of Shalimar and Nishat,

which impresses everyone.

Where waters of Dal, Wular and Nandansar,

flows in a rhythm,

giving a soothing reflections.


Where river Jhelum,

has absorbs many stories.

Where slow movements of house-boats

looks extraordingly fantastic.

And at nights, the dim lights of ‘kangaris’,

glitter so brightly,

seemingly likes ‘jugnoos’.


Where ‘Chinar’ tree changes colours

as per the season,

and the field of Saffron,

looks like sunlight is reflecting from it.

Where fragrance of ‘kehwa’

is spread in every household.


Where apples on trees,

seems like a painter,

has painted his most beautiful painting.

Where different colours of flowers,

blossoms like pearls in the sea.


Where cold breeze blows all the times,

making it cool throughout the year.

Where there is beauty,

even in the autumn season.


Where mountains are always,

covered with silvery snow.

Where snow falls at every now and then

making it a heavenly abode.


But how the scene transformed?

Is this the same paradise?

From where this breeze has come?

creating panic and havoc.


From where this hatred has spread?

that the flowers has lost its fragrance.

Colours of saffron have become dim,

Waters of Dal has lost its speed.


Melting snow from the mountains,

seems like shedding its tears.

The evenings of Gulmerg,

has become so gloomy.


The land which was referred as paradise,

has transformed into a hell,

is this paradise?


Although there are many shortcomings,

but still we are optimistic,

smiles will fill the atmosphere again,

as after every cloud there is a silver lining,

and after every dark there is a beautiful horizon,

that horizon will also enlighten this land,

making it as beautiful as it was.


Flowers of this land will spread,

their beauty and fragrance again.

Spring will again comes,

in this beautiful valley,

because paradise is this,

the lands which resides in every hearts

the beautiful valley of Kashmir.


Shamenaz Sheick


Why do I feel weak sometimes?

Why do I feel weak sometimes?

It’s my emotional foolishness,

highly admired sensitivity,

raw emotions and insecurity.

Or my strongness is mere illusion

and I do possess weakness,

as sometimes my emotions leaps,

seemingly nostalgic about the past,

melancholic at times.

But the muffle voices of my heart,

instructs me strictly,

not to swept away by emotions,

but to act like a superhuman.


Shamenaz Sheick2


Happiness is like a Butterfly

Happiness is like a Butterfly

attracting everyone towards itself,

trembling and falling

from flowers to flowers.

If you try to seize it,

quickly it turns it’s gaze,

to other directions.

The more you chase it,

the more it eludes you.

But when you divert,

your glance from it,

them calmly and serenely,

it comes and sits beside you,

shedding its beautiful wings,

and mesmerizing you.















I am Associate Professor of English in an Engineering College-AIET, Allahabad. Completed Phd in English Literature from University of Allahabad. I have presented papers in many National & International Seminars/Conferences in India and have published many research papers in Indian and Foreign journals. I write book reviews for many journals, magazines and e-magazines. Associated with many National & International Academic organizations.

Associated with Journals (Editorial Board & Advisory Board)- 7
Ø  International Journal of Research and Humanitarian Studies (Jordan). Joined in 2015.
Ø  English Language, Literature, Humanity & Modern Sciences (Iran). Joined in 2014.
Ø  Cyber Literature: An Online Journal by R. Y. Shinde (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Literary Miscellany by Prof Pradip Lahiri (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Research Access by Mirza Maqsood Beig (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Expressions by Bijender Singh Soora (India). Joined in 2015.
Ø  The Context by Kumar Wani (India). Joined in 2015.

My blogs
1) www.shamenaz.wordpress.com
2) www.drshamenaz.blogspot.in
3) www.shamenazsheikh.blogspot.in

U can read my research papers, books reviews, articles & interviews on www.academia.edu
I have a passion for reading and writing. I am also Chairperson of Women Cell & Head of Cultural Committee of AIET, Allahabad.

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