Dr. Shamenaz Sheick


Dr. Shamenaz Sheick






Where Shall We Go?

(A cry of a Syrian refugee)


Where shall we go?

in this world of rejection,

tyranny, despair and rejection.

Nobody leaves their homes,

which they have build with many hopes,

unless the outer world is safer,

than their own homes.


We are compelled to flee

from our own homeland,

because of the atrocities inflicted upon us,

by the cruel regime.

For their lust of power,

had lead to the destruction of humanity.


Once we had lived in peace,

happily, safely and with tranquillity.

But we became helplessly victims,

of capitalism, power and greed.

The heavy price we paid,

is the destruction of our beautiful land.


Now tell us our fate,

as we are homeless crying souls?

How many deaths we see every day?

How many losses of lives we bear every day?

How many lands we cross every day?

Which land will be our permanent abode?




It Hurts


It hurts

being human it hurts

for every cry

for every tears

for every innocent blood.

No matters

it’s Paris, Beirut or Baghdad,

Syria, Yemen or Nigeria,

New York, Mumbai or Peshawar.

No matters

It’s Muslim, Hindus, Jews or Christians.

Being human every heart bleeds,

Why not your hands shiver when you kill?




Sleep Aylan Sleep


Sleep Aylan sleep,

peaceful eternal sleep.

Because the world has failed you,

humanity has failed you.

Your own people didn’t gave you refuge,

left you to die in deluge.

You should have lived a beautiful life,

grown as strong individual.

But the lust of power and money,

dreadful and corrupt politics,

has taken away your dreams,

your desire to live a happy life.

Now you are in heavenly abode,

with no fear to engulf you day and night,

no border to cross seeking refuge,

no sanctions to be impose upon you,

no rules and law to follow.

Tell God to grant peace in this world,

and other child’s fate be like yours.



(A tribute to Syrian kid, Aylan Kurdi died on the shore of Turkey seeking refuge)















I am Associate Professor of English in an Engineering College-AIET, Allahabad. Completed Phd in English Literature from University of Allahabad. I have presented papers in many National & International Seminars/Conferences in India and have published many research papers in Indian and Foreign journals. I write book reviews for many journals, magazines and e-magazines. Associated with many National & International Academic organizations.


Associated with Journals (Editorial Board & Advisory Board)- 7
Ø  International Journal of Research and Humanitarian Studies (Jordan). Joined in 2015.
Ø  English Language, Literature, Humanity & Modern Sciences (Iran). Joined in 2014.
Ø  Cyber Literature: An Online Journal by R. Y. Shinde (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Literary Miscellany by Prof Pradip Lahiri (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Research Access by Mirza Maqsood Beig (India). Joined in 2013.
Ø  Expressions by Bijender Singh Soora (India). Joined in 2015.
Ø  The Context by Kumar Wani (India). Joined in 2015.

My blogs
1) www.shamenaz.wordpress.com
2) www.drshamenaz.blogspot.in
3) www.shamenazsheikh.blogspot.in

U can read my research papers, books reviews, articles & interviews on www.academia.edu
I have a passion for reading and writing. I am also Chairperson of Women Cell & Head of Cultural Committee of AIET, Allahabad.




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