Dr. Ram Sharma









In the dark orchards of fragrant love
in the shade of bleak sadness
let`s share our distressed minds
in the street of breaths
in the fog of memories
let`s share and sit
and rebuild scattered relations
let`s see rainbow among the tears
where are dreams in the desolate lonely eyes
lets cultivate springs of relations
in the barren field of painful life
let`s share together






O! Man
why have you negated yourself
you always think of others
you always look at others
you always talk of defects of others
you always wander in dark streets of egos
and blame others
when your ego is injured
you blame stones
blame the path
blame the people around you
other person is your own reflection
you are seeing in him
what you have already in you
why are you cutting the wings of consciousness
but you are not able to see
the vast sky of soul
where each soul is one
and only ONENESS  is  there






The night descended with silence
all dreams drowned into this great sea
the conscience petals started unfolding
divinity is at you mundane door
glow and flow of mind
as a serene blue deep lake
leave all grieves behind and be happy
forget one and all
only remember bliss — Ananda
only remember silence raga











Dr. Ram Sharma is an accomplished poet and writer both in English and Hindi in the field of literature. He has added many feathers to his cap. As a student he has been exceptionally brilliant student from class first to M.Phil He did his doctorate on ` Post-Modernist Trends in Indian Novels in English: A Study of Anita Desai, Arun Joshi, Amitav Ghosh and Vikram Seth. He is a renowned poet, critic, reviewer and translator. His poetry is indeed of very high order which is read throughout the world. He has several research papers , articles, poems and reviews published in esteemed journals, magazines and newspapers of India and abroad including Poets International [Bangalore], Bizz Buzz[ Mysore], Rock Pebbles [Orissa], Contemporary Vibes [ Chandigarh] Skylark [ Aligarh] Shine [Tamilnadu] Poetcrit [Himachal Pradesh] Indian Book Chronicle [Jaipur], The Vedic Path [Haridwar] Metverse Muse [Vishakhapattnam], Young Poet [ Tamilnadu] Poetry Today [Kolkata]  Storm  [Kolkata] Samvedna [ Mangalore] Pegasus [Agra] Hyphen [Shimla] IJPCL [Kerala], Indo-Asian Literature [New Delhi] Replica [Cuttack], Bridge-In-Making [Kolkata] Cyber Literature [Patna] Points of View [Ghaziabad], Kohinoor [Bihar], Voice of Kolkata [ Kolkata], Re-Markings [Agra].

Besides this his works has appeared in such web journals like Muse India,Boloji.com, Literary India, Neo-poet, Academic India, Indian English Literature Forum, Impressions Online Journal, Creative Saplings .His poems are showing presence in foreign e-journals like Poems-hunter.com, Voices-net.com, Coffe-connection.com, Autumn Leaves,

The Houston Literary Review, Asian-American poetry.com, Poetry Sketch  Book etc. He has to his credit  eight  poetry volumes Muse [2002] and Serene Moments [2008], A String of Words [2009], Poets for World Peace Vol 1 and 2 [2010], Anthologies 1 [ 2011],  Spiritual Odyssey [ 2011]  and Pearls of Words [ 2012]

At present he is working as  associate professor and Head of the department   in English in J.V.P.G.


College, Baraut, Baghpat, U.P., India.He is editor-in-chief of two international journals  RUMINATIONS and GLIMPSES.

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