Dr. Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay







Loving Bangla vasa


Globe-trotter monsoon looms over, over head

Hosting her thunderous cloud mass greenery bed

Bengali’s sweet lyre resonating billion heart

Grassland flooded off, shower wet cattle herd


petrichor, ducks fowl lotus snails rain beaten

kamini blooms green aroma fragrance of Kadamba

clouds veils lavish green all over horizon

colorful mystical melancholic bract petal


sweet teen unfurling rimijhimi Megh malhar

pendulous birds house bamboo bush bow down

Evening crawls down quite peace Bangla land

remain in quandary oh Bengali your sweet tongue


celebrating twilight conch blowing lamp flaming

lunar disc written script people sing Bengali

Language stays in grove temple and sanctuary

heart cottage confine sweet voice as Goddess

Oh gracious Bangla vasa longlive my mother tongue.






Prophet says Art is language as language is art

Word is powerful than silence when erupts so

Tongue is the miracle where philosophies go

Tongue is the treasure trove of various thought


Prophet says Language is the measure of life and save

if allow it to die, death of cultures and yourself you face

will vanish legacy, heritage, knowledge, thought you boast

words are clothing item only Tongue is wardrobe


Prophet says more the tongue more the world view

ecology more the deep more the native thrive

embodiment of the wisdoms society and people

home is where language stay, save the speakers so




Silence please


“Hope you are well, how is your daughter?, asked I

“She now in primary English medium, doing well in classes

even talk with me in English”chuckling I dry throated

asked “why not talk your own tongue even at home, keep it”

“my tongue is tribal one, this city can’t understand, laughs at her

so let her dream in English, eat in English, drink in English”

I knew the success story of lingua franka the dreamer language

by which ones cultural identities will be robbed and fossilized

her indigenous tongue is waiting to folklorized ,and vaporized

along with discourses vocabularies ideas rituals noble qualities

only silences of voices cast a shadow over one’s cultural territory

languages cease to exist, dominant tongue wolf down tiny tongue

as shark gobble minnows, thus market economies tests good fit.

Missing everyday varieties of paddy wheat banana herbs birds

as well known and unknown lifeforms including the last speaker

last speakers of exclusive tongues. Rest is in history.












Born in 1960, Dr. Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay has been working as a Registrar at the Sidho Kanho Birsha University, Purulia, India since 2011. He also worked as a Reader in Zoology department at Alipurduar college, (North Bengal University) and as a Principal at Netaji Subhash Ashram Mahavidyalay in Purulia (Burdwan University). His area of interests are Wildlife, Ichthyology, Ornithology, Peace Education, Philosophy, Poetry, History of science, and Women in science. He has published a number of articles in many different National and International journals.

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