Dr.Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay







In an Ethnic feast


Common field, rays and rain common chlorophyll

Common harvest, seed reserve, tiller cow and dairy farm

Sharing earth in joy, welcome, farewell, tears, smile

Away from untruth, greed, gold, blood, carbon arm


No violation against soul of life such cosmovision

Friendly with soil, air, forest, river, hill, sea, orchid

Pray to deity of nature, sing and dance for season

We should do the most good we can for all indeed


Look at me, tell me best your word your song

Nomad, migrants, coloured, tribals or aboriginal

Let us live well  than better pentecostal our slum

We do respect even sustain our culture your tongue


All the great all the commoners my dear who

Being in the earth not belonging the world.






The sannyasin under tree whispered-

“Eyes can not penetrate there

words can not describe that

Mind can not conceptualise

That is so atomic so vast

Power and beauty, beauty and energy

In tandem, It is Deva, Deva the light

Basus, Rudras, Adityas, Indra Prajapati

You the part of Deva, be light, more feel,

Enlightenment is your way of life “

Enjoying wedding of Dionysos and Ariadne

Accompanying Hellenistic drinking couples

Touched the life sketched in Terracotta

Garments slipping at her generous hip

Old man slipping on his elbow

Picturesque Gandharan, Buddhist motif

Tour guides’s long playing tale in museum

On Egypt Assyria, Renaissance Italy

Amazing memories of History lost in time

History runs through present.wave of life.


Saffron-robed mystic minstrels

Tickled the string of Ektara


Whose eyes followed the blue of autumn

I stood like pupil, he was mentor

His woman, trance sadhon sangini

Smiling, her ample breast, asked me

Women are not only enchanting seducer

She can uplift you paradisiacal

You may lose paradise for her

She the fertile she the sterile

Infinite she is, mystic dual

Baul twinkled eyes wave of wrinkles propagated

Across his face addressed me in smile

World is the interplay of soil and seed

His seed her soil.Body is tree.Senses are branch.

Vision audio aroma taste touch

Flesh skin blood hair of her

His bone vain sperm brain

Her Thalamus support life and world

God is not residential

Why you search? He is across the people

Choose to look beautiful from inside also.






Proud of not to be Android

I own flaws hopes emotion

Dreams silence tears joy

Have will to lead, will  to kill

Corruption lies dishonesty

When daylight dwindle, trees go bare

Sing anthem for feminine beauty

Everything is interconnected I feel

Version of me everywhere in life or stone

I may not be android,

Still understand solitude

No contradiction with myself

If science is source of inspiration

Veil of ignorance, catalyst of societal play

Robotics is biggest blunder

Modernity thy name, you

Dwell in outside human culture.










Dr.Nachiketa Bandyopadhyay is Zoologist, Academician, Essayist but ardent reader and also an avid listener of any subject. Bandyopadhyay has been writing poems in English few years back late in life. He always fall in love for the any language and literature. Being a son of the earth he always takes care of wildlife, art and science of past, women, classical music, folk culture, peace practice, Indology in his writings.


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