David Cardona










A Peaceful Walk From Women Alone



It has been several years sharing the David Cardona`s nOn flAsh tAkEs & films based on F-NFTE concept (Film – Non Flash – Non Tripod – Non Editing) with the most special people around the world from http://davidcardona.photoblog.com  between other websites,




Women Without Uniform From Neda In Memoriam



where it`s possible to appreciate the cinema composition principles and the David Cardona´s Content Diffusion Strategy, based on Long Tail Concept, founding the possibilities of art, work, education and friendship on the Media when contents have been well structured preserving the quality,




All The Lonely People From Hearts And Souls



the respect and the love for a global audience; and entire dedication to capture images that are

really frozen cinema as David Cardona has called his own work




Non Reasons Worse Facts From Peace But Love First




 To know more about him, you can follow the related links included in






The Woman Figure From Local Color




Welcome to enjoy the experience of appreciate light painting real images.











CInEmA phOtOgrAphy & cOntEnts dEvElOpmEnt

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