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« The Prayers of Mother Earth »
Pencil on Paper 12” x 16” (30cm x 40cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

Mother Earth ponders prayers given to us. She moves the tides and blesses the earth with life each year.

The egg in the foreground is symbolic of the untapped human potential.






“The Rape of Lily White”
Pencil on Paper, 10” x 15” (25cm x 38cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

I began this drawing in the middle of the economic disaster created by the greed of the Wall Street Bankers. It is an image representing a young, virgin girl and a young, virgin country who are figuratively « raped » for their trusting generosity and freewill. Consequently the girl grows stronger and overcomes her hardships; as does the country when the citizenry are forced to put aside their political differences and fully embrace the mantra, « We The People » once more for the common good. This image could easily have been titled, « The Rape of Lady Liberty ».






« As Youth Runs Away »
Pencil on Paper 12” x 16” 30cm x 40cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

This piece deals with the inevitable aging process we all must pass through.
Represented is an image of an elderly woman reflecting on her own story. In the background, youth is seen running into the distance with a youthful kite in the air.






« Letting Go of You and You »
Pencil on Paper 12” x 16” (30cm x 40cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

This image carries with it the theme from « The Dream of Scars » but follows the consequence of the miscarriage and the grieving parents.
The image represents the « letting go’ of the painful death of a child and the « letting go » of a spiritual connection to God because of the child’s death.

Note: the pig is deceitful






« The Dream of Scars »
Pencil on Paper 12” x 16” 30cm x 40cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

I did this piece in response to dream I had about a loved one who had lost a child by miscarriage.
The emotions were so raw that when I awoke from my sleep I slowly realized that my dream was in fact an old, quiet memory from my very early childhood that had sat dormant and somehow surfaced while sleeping.
Later that day when I spoke with my mother I asked her about that tragic event and in the days that followed I began to get a sense of the incredible pain that my parents must have had processing the trauma.
The child was my little brother in heaven that I never knew.
The image shows my mother cradling the infant child as my father wrestles with the torment of my mother’s heartbroken mind.






« Sour Milk »
Pencil on Paper 12″ x 16″ (30cm x 40cm)
© David Alan Sincavage 2012

« Sour Milk » is an attempt to reconcile the unfit mother.. a collision of sorts for two opposed lifestyles: the mother of a child colliding with the party girl of a child.
How may she wear the masks of vanity? Under the mask of chastity?


















Born and raised in Miami, Florida. I am a self-taught artist. I trace my creative gift back to a childhood growing up in a typical dysfunctional family. As a child, I spent most of my time closed off in the solitude of a room drawing contour creatures in wild, imaginary worlds as an escape from the household chaos.

Later in life, a four year stay in Greece convinced me to pursue my talents as an artist. My contemporary interpretations of personal and social issues is a style layered in satire, metaphor, symbolism, and whimsy.







Many of my pieces are considered engaging, provocative, and intense. I enjoy exploring the use of language and often write poetry to further carry the voice of my work.

I was recently very honored to have had four of my shell and coral works purchased by The Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach. A note from the designer mentioned that in the hotel’s very long history this is the first time works were purchased from a local artist.

Last year I was among several artists selected to paint a 10-foot Gibson Guitar for the ‘Miami Guitartown’ public art exhibit. The guitar was on display at the entrance to Bayfront Park and was later auctioned off for charity and is now on permanent exhibit in the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Hollywood, Florida.







I hope you enjoy my works that I have for you here. Maybe someday we shall meet. Until then..


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