Daniel D. Marin

(Roumanie, România, Romania, Rumänien)









Espacio Niram, Madrid – 2009 : 


Poésie avec /Poetry with/Dichtung mit: Daniel D. Marin & Ofelia Prodan











on the carpet


miss o. is sitting on the carpet with

her eyes shut. when she breathes out

something soothing coils around her hands.

she holds them tight between her knees

she may be seeing something that nobody

can imagine she may be just unwillingly

sliding into a cave with

huge animals from other times


if she opened her eyes

certainly she would play freely

with the imaginary beasts.

if it weren’t that way the silence would spill

off her hands and the carpet

would slowly go over the edge

of a precipice.








like a temptation

miss O. hasn’t come out of the house for
three days. She sits quietly on the carpet,
drinks a lot of coffee and smokes
every now and then. If she opened
the windows the chilly air from outdoors
would steal into its soul like a temptation.





Ion Muresan & Daniel D. Marin
















Daniel D. Marin was born in 1981 in Calarasi. He published the poetry volumes Rush Hour (2003), The way it was (2008) and I took him aside and told him (2009).


He was nominated for the Mihai Eminescu National Poetry Prize (the most prestigious Romanian literary prize) – Opera Prima section in 2004 and was awarded the Marin Mincu Prize (the most important Romanian literary prize for under-35 authors) in 2010.


He is also the editor of the Anti-utopian poetry. An anthology of the Romanian poets of the generation 2000 (2010).


At present, he is editor on the RoLiteratura cultural website and collaborates with several cultural magazines.



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