Claudine Helft







She said:

I am the love and solitude of earth,

and if exile is man’s lot the earth has no frontiers;

trees and man drop blood of the self-same sorrow on me.


I belong to lands where woman equals waiting

and takes to man as patience does to mystery

in the seeding and Siamese cry of sharing.

She would read on your face your legend, your people,

waking at dawn from absence and questioning,

wanting at the same time both the answer and silence;


you’d come wending your way from shadows to questioning

she’d recognise you by your hunger, the rose and die song;


the world would become flesh: the tongue remain the same.



( – from L’Étranger et la rose)

 (Translation : Roger Little)




                       Claudine and her brother Guy



                       Claudine Helft



                       Claudine Helft and her husband




                       Claudine Helft and her family



                       Claudine Helft and her son David




       Sentence : Lyonel Ray




       Claudine Helft, at home, 1990



       Cover of the magazine « Incognita ». With and about Claudine Helft.




We have sometimes been living through some great illusion,


but that illusion made us live.


When it left us, riped with ardour,


we died of great disenchantment.


The earth then ceased to bear the fruit


of privileges, and the taste of the world


was henceforth somewhere else.


Oblivion came but burdened with sorrow:


to gain eternity,


one should know


and choose one’s dreams to the measure of man.


Only gods have a right to excess,


and also they who take themselves for those.



 (from L’Infinitif du Bleu)

(Translation : Jean-Michel Baillat)



       Book fair, Paris 1985, Claudine & David




          House of Poetry, Paris, Recital: Claudine Helft (Jean Negroni with him) presentation: Alain Bosquet, 1990




       Claudine Helft and Michel Breton, its first Publisher




             Claudine Helft on a bench; photographed by his son David (1984)















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