Christine Murray







Glendalough, at Iseult Gonne’s Grave


subside the rocks


silica of bird leans into


a granite stylus

a grave bed

green sea-bed of flowering heads.


shatter of tree hacked-through/

                    windmills beside an sruthán geal

gold coins      in-stream-glitter      out to me.


a small a cloud there

her gulfstream ruffles my feathering (toll the …)


blood-thickener sloughs blood against.

let her eat the disease


a gelid-thaw

                    clysters the bloom


all that glisters is not white /and

not laden with griefs






         sing the hollow-pipes

of bird-bone               or leg-tube

jointed to.


leech into soil’s black trauma

a double-reed will always carry down


its muffled tune

from contort of leaf to nub of root


there is bone substance to

the fallen bough as

there is to the winged-bird

                    both perfume.


a maerl of

                    barey encloses both

                    the feathered and

                    the not.


shells maybe –





The beam pools and splits

Mapping the summit of


The not-circling mountains

Ranging white-grey-black


Bird looses the branch

Mapping a departing swirl as


Black glass eddies

-vibrates his departure.





Her jewel is not precious though it has a fabulous-setting

Purples grow in the promenade-ring, a ring made for the

Swishing of silks


There is the presence of the dead nearby at their way-station

In soul-cocoons that need caressing


                    That plinth appears broken,

                    The others await its slow metamorphosis


I have walked this circle oftener in dreams

                    It is here that I played,

                    A child then.


My girl has unearthed a golden chain from deep in the trees’

Lattice shedding


It makes the ground a constant forest

                    Why it is autumnal year round –











Christine Murray is a City and Guilds Stone-cutter. Her poetry is published in Ropes Magazine, Crannóg Magazine, The Burning Bush Online Revival Meeting (Issue 1), Carty’s Poetry Journal, Caper Literary Journal, CanCan ,The Southword Journal, A New Ulster, And Other Poems, the Diversity Blog (PIWWC: PEN International Women Writer’s Committee) and Books by

Her poem for three voices, Lament, was performed at the Béal Festival in 2012. She has reviewed poetry for Post (Mater dei Institute), Poetry Ireland and Chris writes a poetry blog called Poethead which is dedicated to the writing, editing and translation of women writers. She is a member of the International PEN Women Writer’s Committee, and she is the web-developer for Irish PEN.

Upcoming publications in Recours au Poème, Skylight #47, and The Burning Bush. She writes the Poethead Blog.


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