Christine Elizabeth Murray








Eve labouring for 37 hours; the yes poem






Eve in pain.


Will bring


Forth a Cain /




Exhausted stretch



Dilate/ than die/ yes.


So just. Sous justice.

En vertu de la justice,

Pour :


(‘In sorrow you shall bring forth children’)


Face. Yes. Present. Yes. Hands.

Yes. His image,

Who conjured it?




Eve labouring for 37 hours; the yes poem


Mouth of dry twigs





A knee-piece/skulls.


There are piles of skulls

Pushing through my grimacing cunt,


All the pretty things.

Stones/ bones/buttons

A knee-piece/ skulls


Sous justice.


Merci !




The Burning Tree


Mineral planes impinge

surface embed glares red,


deep red.

A scarlet arrow

burns out on my white tile,

and cools.


The Burning-

Years’ round brings Rothko light

– Tree.


Glass stained is a bloody



Sun brings up the silica

right to its surfaces,

where they may glitter

their red sparks.





Willow’s wooded music is hollow,

dead, or veiled.

She awaits yellow spring.


Willow is first to don it.


A tree,

plain and ordinary.






We trace our path from the harbour to

A dark stepped lane opened out onto

The old churchyard. Green and blue

Sea glass, a rough blush pink is clearlit.


We find small rib bones scattered there.

I pick up the cap of a skull. Small, it’s

Sponge ossified to a mineralized honeycomb.

I cup it’s yellow cream in my hand. Delicate,


A sea snail, most precious egg, as if

It had touched the ruby feather of a

Bluebird. A most precious thing,

Bird-egg-shattered, dust in my pores.


We place the bones down on a portico shelf.

Are they human bones, those of an infant?


We lay them under the wing of a sheltering grave,

A small bone heap. We move through the labyrinth.










Christine Murray is a graduate of Art History and English Literature (UCD, Belfield, Dublin 4). She is a City and Guilds qualified restoration stonecutter (OPW). Her poetry is published in the The Southword Journal, Crannóg Magazine, A New Ulster Magazine, Caper Literary Journal, Ditch Poetry, Bone Orchard Poetry, Levure littéraire, Recours au Poème Magazine, and WomenArtsQuarterly Journal. Her chapbook Three Red Things was published by Smithereens Press in June 2013. A collection of poemsCycles was published by Lapwing Press in Autumn 2013. A dark tale The Blind was published by Oneiros Books late in 2013. Her second book length poem She was published in Spring 2014 (Oneiros Books). A chapbook Signature was published in March 2014 by Bone Orchard Press.






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