Christian Georgescu







The S’aint Comes Marching In


Turn off the Brightlights, Bring on the Highlights

We like the violence.

Nothing will silence

Our need for violence…


Take a chainsaw to the brain saw

Love to watch it all get sawed off.

It sort of gets us off.

It’s sort of like…


We wear our penchant for violence

Like a pendant inside us.

The subtext just riles  us. The sexx-sexx defiles us.

But the violence


A little bone K-runch! goes with the Munch-Munch-Munch!

A little Blood Spurting goes with the Slurp-Slurping!

Splatt-Splatt goes with the platter mix!

Nacho chips, Hey! spicy chipotle salsa dip!


A little Spine Tingling

does more than a little for my Ding-a-Ling!

Hey! keep your hands off my  Ding-a-Ling!

Hey! keep your eyes on the buzzer Ring-a-Ling!


THX stadium sonoro FX


It’s half time! Here comes the….

DeathMarch, DeathMarch-ing…bandDeath Marching band

Marching forth and back



(left-right-left-right let’s all march to our death beat)


Death Blows and Death Screams!

Death Throes and Death Scenes!

We don’t know what Death means!

We just know that Death seems!

Like Bone Krunching!!! Gutt Wrenching!!!

Family Fun!!!!





Th.e S’aint ‘Sad.dress


Foursquare and seven eleven years ago our Fantastic Four fathers where are the now? brought forth on this Continental flight a new Live Nation, conceived in Liberty Mutual of Omaha steaks, and dedicated to the Proposition 8 that all men are created equal as a sugar substitute. try these new dishes…


Now we are engadget in a great cervix war, texting whether that iNation, or any Nationwide is on your side, so conceived and so dedicated server, can long insure. get quote now We are MetLife on a great battle-field of that God of War due out next month We have come to dedicate a portion of that required field, as a Smart & Final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that Live Nation might live. It is altogether slim snug low rise, skinny fitting jean and proper diet that we should do this.


But, in a larger sense, we 8 oz. can not dedicate, we 12 oz. can not conseCrate & Barrel, we 18 oz. can not hallow this ground. The brave men, living and dead, which one are you? who struggled here, have consecrated IT, far above our poor power to add or detract plus or minus give or take more or less meh. The world will little iNote, nor long member rewards points the words we say here, but it can Never Forget what they did click here. It is for us the living dead, (see if you are a zombie) rather, to be dedicated server here to the unfinished iWork, which they who fought here have thus far so Barnes & Nobley advance reservationed. It is Dan Rather for .us to be here dedicated to the great multitask remaining before Us Weekly – that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause donate here for which they gave the last full measure cup of devotion see new recipes – that we here highly Resolve stain remover that these Red Dead out now shall not have died in vain – that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth control pill of freedom – and that government of the people, BestBuy the people, for the People magazine on news stands now shall not perish see expiration date from the earth view gallery but shall live long and prosper – in theaters everywhere this fall. release date




Exit The S’trategy



I am deleting my account. Goodbye cruel world

(cue the violins, cue the violence)

I know my cue for a dramatic entrance and an emotional exit.

Or is that an abdominal exit wound

(cue dramatic entrance music.)

Either way, I Hope you don’t mind if I make a quiet exit. I’m going out.

The nightlife is a highlight to an otherwise quiet life. A quiet exit to a silent life.

(cue emotional violence.)

This is a violent knife I’ve got to my throat. My wife is not at home.

I am not at home in my life. That’s all she wrote. (cue the violins.)

This communiqué comes with no strings attached.

That would be too much commitment.

I’m on a 2 year agreement.

Which ended a year ago.

Now I’m on a month 2 month,

week 2 week,

min 2 min

living day by day and paycheck to paycheck.

Minute by minute I live for your text

but since I never hear from you I never live.

But I don’t give 2 Shuggas. Honey, IT Should

be here any minute now!

In the meantime everybody wants to sex me ‘cuz I’m a text object. (breathe)

I don’t object to the pretext ‘cuz I’m on a 2 year agreement. (breathe)

I live 2 disagree and beg to differ. The inference in this instance

is I am not a chooser I am a beggar

so I take what I can get and hate the rest.

If u don’t like it just say next.

Which is what I think you said,

in your last text.

Which I never got. (breathe)

(cue emotional violins, cue emotional violence)

This is my life and this is my text.

Honey, I hope IT gets here soon ‘cuz the paramedics can’t fix this! (breathe)


(cue emotional violins, cue emot












As a writer, performer and visual artist in New York City, Christian Georgescu won awards for his pret-a-porter and evening wear designs, debuted his photography series in galleries and followed his passion for acting to The American Academy of Dramatic Arts where he discovered a new love for language and poetry.


Christian later wrote and performed two solo shows, Meisner with Mama and iLu, and is currently assembling a kaleidoscopic multimedia production blending visuals, poetry and theater. Excerpts from the larger work appear in various anthologies including « Hell Strung and Crooked« , « It’s Animal but Merciful » and the just released « I Let Go of The Stars in My Hand. »


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