Charles Pennequin


Copyright: Fabrice Poiteaux






rejoice red


ginger joy me

roll where me

lie laugh joy

roll where me

light where read

swell joule me

re-me re-lie dis-

own me me

laugh gasp me-iri

descent ire

ginger me pathway

lie light me

roar me

rage w-

ind age game

laugh me roam where

me dock soul


me-soul r-

ed slab me

me replay me

me add me hy-

mn and me nay

and lead them

better me have

where me have sw-

ell two r-

ed me blush

register re-

joy me there yes

me roam me plaything

playing me- ing yes

me ti-ime me

me gene me’ve

gene me a-

ct me jo-

oy yes me’me

joying yes re-

joice red or

yes me yes me

blush me play

me want me yes

all ears m’ve

joyce me want to me

red is lie joy-

ing me plaything yes me

am all e-

ars me’me joyc-

ing aim joy r-

ed hear all


in red me’me



me rejoic-ing


me would like to rejoi-ce


more and more still



Copyright: Tristan Jeanne- Vallès



more juic-ing

me juic-ing








me would like to juice,

me would like to spend my life juic-ing,

our whole lives are play-ing joy-ing, we

spend our lives

juicing, juicing me’m juic-ing, yes, me

am all ears, and me want to jui-ce

yet again, jui-ce yet m-

ore, how to joy still m-

ore, than playing, the dai-

ly playing, for all

day me’ve juic-ed, every ex-

cuse is good for play-

ing, like flour

to a mill, me want to jui-ce still m-

ore, me want to fill the m-

ill with play-

ing, me say yes, me hear yes, me say me

yes, me am all ears, me’m juic-ing

with my mouth, look! look!

my mouth is full, of juice,

it comes inside, it’s as f-

ull, as an egg, as a fr-

uit, which, yes, the fruit yes, of jui-ce,

it trickles down yes, it squ-

irts yes, jui-ce it spr-

urts, and spr-

eads, it juices out of me yes, of me’m juic-ing,

all day long me juice, with my m-

outh, my m-

outh up to date, my date yes, come date yes, look! look! me’m juic-ing, yes me’m juic-ing, yes, yes, me’m juic-ing



Traduction : Tomas Sidoli










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