Chandramohan S.










Article 377

A antique fence of demarcation

in the cemetery of love dreams

History says, Don’t hope

On this side of the cemetery,

where hope for freedom and justice

rhymes with the wrong side of history




Student suicides in the hostels

Jim Crow segregated hostel rooms

ceiling fans bear a strange fruit,

Blood on the books and blood on the papers,

Black body swinging in mute silence,

Strange fruit hanging from tridents.




The two Finger Test* (TFT)

the assault of the pen

between the thumb and the finger

editorial dexterity

a retrograde step in man’s long

bumpy ride through the rough terrains of natural selection

a black hole in the media devoid of sensational limelight

a void in the newspaper that failed to report

a tale drenched in suppressed sobs.


The extra two legs

of his former four legged self


into predatory appendages

twin gloved fingers

performing an autopsy on the corpse of her dignity

a forensic confirmation that he has miles to tread

before he can call himself human.




My Ode to an Indian housewife

how can a fish born in an aquarium

advise her daughter

« pink is just a color

not a cage » ?











Chandramohan S. (b.1986) is an Indian English poet, short story writer and a social critique based in the south Indian state of Kerala. He is pursuing research in Mathematics, apart from being a translator, editor and a social activist.

His poems reflect the socio-political struggles of the marginalized , the working class and the nomadic  outcasts  of the World who are victimized and then forgotten as nations clash and wage relentless war. His work has been profiled in New Asia Writing and Mascara Literary Review.




What is two finger test?

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