Cecile Poulain


Cecile Poulain (selfportrait)






Série 1 : Offset Onset













Série 2 : Our eyes are mirrors










Série 3 : Take Care













Série 4 : The Mountain was a Gift






















       Ce Ciel (prise dans les rues de Paris, durant un été)


Photographer, writer and web developer student. Adventurous french artist of 31 years old.
Co-founder and director of Pisces’ Potion, an international artistic Ngo based in Paris, France and also being a part of The Perch, Chicago, USA.
She’s currently working with international artists, psychologists and Ngo’s about an artistic resilience program.
She received les Palmes académiques in France and her photography, fiction and non fiction stories happened to be published in the Mind Of Pink Elephant Designs and Musings, Orlando, FL, USA as well as the Writing Disorder, L.A, USA, The Perch, Chicago, USA and in some fanzines in France.



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