Cătălina Ene-Onea


Catalina Ene Onea


(Romania – Germany)






there is no greater truth than the truth of your thoughts

reflecting upon the mirror of my soul

dancing flying craving together for one last piece of happiness

in the complete symbiosis

of ‘being sure of’ and ‘knowing nothing about’

the color of my dreams whispers your name

in the depth of the morning

painfully caressing my desire

the evergreen child in me awakes

from the rusty sleep it was forced to

and breathes again

through the power of tomorrow


there’s no greater truth than the truth of my new born thoughts

that only yesterday seemed so far and lost

forgotten hidden in the shadow of ‘I wonder’

when all this time they were only

one heartbeat away





(third-person subjective)



upon the breath of my purple soul

here comes the rain from the depth of tomorrow


love is not a contract

he said

paraphrasing the lyrics of a pop song

she didn’t know back then

and you know what

she thought

he’s right


true love

does not make you do things

true love

does not have a validation or an expiration date

true love

is just there for you

whenever you need

to rediscover yourself

in the colors of your own rainbow


true love

is there in you

whispering the lullaby

you want to hear

in the morning of your dreamless night

caressing your shoulders

after a long walk

through the meanders of your restless heart


kissing you up into the sky

to places you’ve never thought you’d dream to aspire


eres importante chica

he also said

and by that he’s made her realize that

love does come in different shapes

and is indeed

much more

than words

could ever express


upon the breath of your orange soul

here comes the rain of my purest thoughts












Cătălina Ene-Onea (*1984 in Romania) is a writer and poet, currently a PhD student at Humboldt University of Berlin (in collaboration with Universidad Complutense de Madrid) and scholarship holder of the Konrad Adenauer Foundation. In her PhD thesis she analyzes the myth of Medea in contemporary literature from an intertextual and intercultural perspective. As a free journalist she collaborates with various cultural magazines in Europe and is the author and creator of the permanent column “Cooltura” in the Romanian Magazine “Conştiinţa”.


She writes in Romanian, English, German and Spanish, and has published several books as an author and translator. Over the years she has been distinguished with different awards, among others the “Adrian Marino” Award for Essay Debut, the “Junior” National Award for Literature, offered by the Romanian Writers’ Guild and the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, Medal and Trophy of the “Excelentia 21“ at the International “Nichita Stănescu“ Poetry Festival and the Award for Best Literary Creation of the German Embassy in Romania.



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