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Sometimes Mother ate an apple next to me.

Mother had healthy teeth. And she bit into the apple, with great vigor. And the bite tore the apple apart with a crack. The noise hurt my ears. I was trembling with tension. I couldn’t deny Mother the bite. I had to endure the noise.


Mother’s teeth were even. Only the two outer incisors danced out of the upper row of teeth and bent forward. The canines were pointed. And ready to mangle their prey. With the incisors she bit into the apple. She crushed it with her front and rear molars. She ate the core along with the seeds. She ate the whole apple, except the stem. Because the apple contains vitamins. And the core and the peel. The shells of the small apple seeds contain fiber. Which one so desperately needs. And which one usually buys at the pharmacy. The seeds contain all the power of a tree. And so Mother consumed a whole tree. And the apple tree got lost in her mills.


The apple tree turned to mush.

The apple was destroyed. The apple was consumed.

And had disappeared.

As if it had never existed.


I have teeth like Mother. In any case I have inherited the two protruding ones.

When I eat an apple, there’s a noise.

And my daughter. How can she bear this massacre?


(Fragment from the novel Mother´s Day –  Song of The Sad Mother, PalmArtPress 2015)

Translated from the German by Zoe-Annamaria Hawkins)











Born in Lipova, Arad County, in 1955, Carmen-Francesca Banciu wins Arnsberg’s International Short Story Prize in 1985. In that period, her name goes on the « publication ban » list. In 1991 she establishes in Berlin, where she starts to write texts in German. Volume: Manual of Questions (1984), Fenster in Flammen (1992), Filuteks Handbuch der Fragen (1995), A day without President (1998), Vaterflucht (1998), Land voller Ein Helden (2000), Berlin ist mein Paris ( 2002), Deborah (2005), Das Lied der traurigen Mutter (2007).






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