Azadeh Nikouei







Teacher and Researcher at Art



I am Azadeh Nikouei. I was born in Mahallat, in the center of Iran, in 1983. I have a BA and an MA in handicraft and traditional art at Shahrekord University (2007) and Alzahra University of Tehran (2011) respectively. During the BA career, in addition to common traditional arts studios, I took professional courses in two-dimensional elaborate Moarragh (marquetry). Then in MA career I pursued different research for some publications, mostly focusing on Iranian traditional handmade dolls taking a philosophical-psychological approach, to which I allocated my MA thesis, e.g. Study of the Importance of Contemporary Iranian Traditional Handmade Dolls and Puppets ( I have exhibited my Moarragh works in 2007 and traditional dolls in 2011. Then I started to work as a teacher in Faragiran Marzi’s educational center in 2016, which was established for students who suffer from mental disorders like autism or Asperger’s syndrome. My hope is the process of doll-making helps them to improve their communication skills. As of 21 years old, I have lived in Tehran with my family. I wish to show the glory of my dear country and its treasure of various ethnic arts to other peoples.



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