Arzu Karadağ









come to the day when i braid my hair

to my bosom on which i align the stones one by one


come to the laughing moment of my face

if i’m happy your coming won’t offend me


come to the land where i console myself with death

to my wounds i could wrap with the cities


come to the tired side of my mind

if i’m pensive your coming won’t offend me


come blowing in without being expected

i’m in the place where my eyes tend towards green


come dip me in love


donate me to the graves without prayers

to the starry nights of the east






what are these distant ships carrying, master

two people mistaking the sea for the sky are at our table


if the tired ships of this gloomy sea did not exist

the world would think the grief in our eyes is unowned


what are these distant ships carrying, master

two people mistaking the sky for the hometown are at our table


but if the day were not our faces turning yellow without evening

the world would suppose the poverty in our hands is caused by the birds






what day is today

i do not know why an account of time is not kept


leaning on the quiet mourning of a mountain

i’m watching the birds taking off from its ridge


what era is this

i do not know beyond what darkness we are


waking up with fear from the dreams

i embrace the sun


what summer of the year is this

have we been a little fading or blooming


i know the roof of loneliness has changed

time has been shaken off the feet of the mountains

and leaned on the stones


i touched it

i listened to it undauntedly


it said your forgetting is caused by pain
by pain



Translated by Baki Yiğit













Was born in 1979 in Pülümür Dersim. She graduated from the Uludağ University, Faculty of Economics, Labour Economics and Industrial Relations. She is working in the logistics sector; she is the editor and coordinator of Ses and İz publications.


She published her first poems in Usça and Dostça magazine that she pulled out with her friends in university (1998). Then her works took part in the literature and art magazine



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Ceyhun Atuf Kansu Şiir Ödülü [2015]



Kalbim Tut Beni [2005]
Şehirlere Düştü Gökyüzüm [2007]
Taşlanan Rüya [2010]
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