Apryl Skies










a bom


is being drop




a dragonfly finds place

                             upon petals…




The Pen & The Pearl

                   for Pearl S. Buck


She dreams, she dreams…


Silk slippers await her feet

for her to slink away into twilight

upon cold floors, descending downward

into friendly black hours

when it is quiet, it is quiet here

in these dark-muse corners

where the moon is her only witness

until dawn paws cat-like

cracking the fragile morning wide open

silence, sage in its slumber.


Ink drips from dry fingers

She is the howl of the voiceless

devouring silence onto parchment

into the psyche, into history

chains of the enslaved loosen their grip

to her words–

she listens and absorbs the crying wind and walls

walls of oppression and injustice

burst like the sun,


Her wisdom;

a shelter from the storm outside her

outside her frailty, sensibility and belief

beyond a hope she harbors

no demise.


Somehow in this moment, she is a touch away

a touch away from truth

closer to the sublime mystery within her

a paradox which curses all she has been taught

no matter


Somehow in this moment there is no time

only movement of hand

the curved landscape of sound

scratching upon flattened white textures,

heavy, stacked like stones


Sea birds soar from shore

and for a moment the ocean roars

in acknowledgment of her finality

in this moment, in this cold, dark corner

hovering above these floor-panels

in her silk slipper silence

the Pearl glimmers immortality.


She lives, she lives…




Manipulating the Pendulum


We are forgotten until

We relearn the sky and its voice,

the balance of Earth and fire,

the cost of  flame~


We must remeasure the soil

with our empty cups and quiet fears

that render us silent

divide the gold from ore,

restore the balance of things;


the elements abandoned as myth

We are forgotten until

We recount the stars and wheat fields

which divide us sound and distance

from our true purpose and its bend against

this endless circle of survival and sustenance…


But time can be reset,

a universal reversal

as sand vessels fill to brim

and sundial shadows shift,

Centuries of clock hands

dance their backward spin~

as fossils become diamonds

under the weight and pressure

of our sanguine dreaming


And we together

manipulate the pendulum

to rebuild our most precious

commodity… hope.













Apryl Skies is an LA native and award-winning author of A Song Beneath Silence and Skye the Troll & Other Fairy Tales for Children. In addition, Skies is an award winning filmmaker for her feature film Polyphony (Gold Pixie Award – American Pixel Academy).


Skies is founder and editor of Edgar & Lenore’s Publishing House of Sherman Oaks and with several titles hitting the number one best-sellers list for Amazon, she is currently building solid momentum in the publishing industry.


Skies’ creativity is not exclusive to her passion for literary composition and is a natural talent with poetry, photography and canvas. Skies expresses her devotion to the written & spoken word with a quiet intensity; a superbly visual and telling writer, whose work holds merit among authors both classic and new.


Whether with written or spoken word, art or design, Skies captures the sublime beauty of the world with a unique and lyrical voice. Creating her own greeting card line in May 2010, this poet proves she has few limitations.


~Apryl Skies~

~Author  ~PoetFilmmaker~


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