Anne-Marie Bourgeois










Bayou Blues







Renewal and  Redemption




Anne-Marie Bourgeois’s narrative art captures and celebrates moments in the lives of everyday people which include themes of mystical forces, intrigue, joy and melancholy. The human and animal characters which appear in these stories take on a life of their own as they emerge onto the artist’s colorful canvases.







Les sirènes et les méduses




She has been creating art over many years, inspired by aboriginal history and her own ancestry. Her works reflect the importance of maintaining a strong connection with the spirit world while moving forward beyond survival to a thriving resiliency and celebration of life.







Moonlight Laundry




Two Spirit Pipe Carrier




Sunflower Thief




Her canvases are intensely colorful, which draw the viewer in, creating an initial impact, and setting the tone for the visual narrative. Anne Marie is also an art therapist.


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