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I am not a painter with a palette and beret, like the classic vision, but I am a person driven by a creative pulse and I use all tools in my knowledge to satisfy it…. painting is one, but there are illustrations, comics, video, cartoons and sometimes sculpture.  Clearly with questionable results.
I think that the true poetry of art is in the creative process, in a personal exploration experience, not in the material results. I was born at Ascoli Piceno, a small town in center of Italy, in 1973 in austerity time, on a hot July of which I have no recollections.

When I was child I wanted to be a fireman, like Grisù an old Italian cartoon. I changed soon my idea and in 1999 I started working as a web designer. In 2000 I graduated in Geology. At the same time as my scientific studies, I have always drawn for amusement, learned and imitated the technique of the Masters of Art, but it was just an hobby, until the Verdesi Art Group edited my first exposition in 2003.

Since that moment I haven’t stopped my activity and I hope to never stop.  In 10 years of work I have created cartoons, stop motion video, book and cd covers, illustrations for books and manuals, comics, scenography,
posters, stained glass project, lightbox and paintings…especially paintings.
I don’t like to make exhibits, however i exhibited in:Ascoli Piceno(I), S. Benedetto T.(I), Roma (I), Padova (I), Francfurt (D), Pjestani (SL).

My style is always in evolution, I changed it many times from instinct because  I love to explore new techniques and new materials, I like raising the bar on my limits.

Andrea Tarli


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