Alicia Minjarez Ramirez









I built you up

From diaphanous drops

that clarify

the thin contour

of the wind’s arms.





my face,

hold up and excuse

the rising of

light stealth birds

on the horizon.


Sky wings bearing


polyphonic aromas,


moist loams

in vetiver

and bergamot,


over your body’s



I envision you

In my silent

barren palms,

as drops

upon my river;

ecstatic the open sea


flows against formed

verbal tide,

in ivy





fanciful voices,


deep inside my skin,


desire’s opacity.


I built you up!

while it rains.






You left

like rain

after destroying

the bare countryside.


Below the leaves

your name

flying with the wind

foreseen the verse,

its useless tessitura

upon the unpropitious



I still don’t understand

the seven letters


your absence.


It’s not dark yet…

And the language

of the sun

is no longer the same.



Translator: Alaric Gutiérrez












Poet, Translator, Singer, University Professor, Broadcast locution Radio and T.V.

She was born in Tijuana Baja California, Mexico.  She studied a Master Degree in Computer Science, specialization in Artificial Intelligence.  Master Degree in Computer Science at the University of Montpellier II, France.

Awarded with an award in the International Poetry Contest “Under the Footsteps of Léopold Sédar Senghor with her poem in French “Eloignements” at Milan, Italy, December 2016 recognized by UNESCO and United Nations.

Winner of an award at the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE, Italy November 2016 recognized by UNESCO with her poem: “Lontananzas”.

Winner of a special mention and a medal at the International Poetry Prize NOSSIDE, Italy 2015 recognized by UNESCO with her poem “It rains”.

She won the Universal Inspirational Poet Award Pentasi B. World Friendship Poetry, Africa, and Ghana 2016. Her poetry was awarded in Spain in April, 2015.

Her poems were included on the XXI Century World Literature Book, Presented at New Delhi, India with Internationally renowned poets and writers.

Mexican President at the International Writers Association IWA BOGDANI in Albania.

Mexican Director at Writers Capital International Foundation, an International foundation to inspire writers across the world to contribute to the values of humanity.

Coordinator and simultaneous translator   French- Spanish- English at CUPHI III on the III Congress of Universal Hispano-American Poetry in Los Angeles, California, 2014.
Participation in the 34th World Congress of Poets at Peru 2014.  She participated in more than 40 International Poetics Anthologies at Chile, Macedonia, Italy, Spain, Mexico, USA, India, Tunisia, Taiwan, Poland and Canada.  Her poems have been published on International  Journals and  Reviews,  such:  Ila and  Taourirt  at Morocco,   “The Poet”  at Tunisia, Galaktika Poetike “ATUNIS” in Albania, Gazeta Nacional in Albania,  Peaking cat poetry in London, Chinese language Monthly at Taiwan  and the famous magazine OKAZ in  Saudi Arabia.

Her poems have been translated into English, Albanian, Cameroonian, Arabic, Portuguese, Chinese, Italian, Taiwanese, Polish, and French.  Have had read on   International Poetry Recitals in several Countries around the world, and transmitted in National and International Radio programs.


In the field of translation, she has collaborated with International Poets and Writers providing versions of their literary works. Her translations were published in magazines and newspapers in:  London, Italy, Albania, Taiwan, United States, Morocco,   Chile, Spain, Canada, India, Uzbekistan and Hazaristan.

Member of the select International Group PENTASI B. WORLD FRIENDSHIP POETRY created by the father of the visual poetry: Doctor Penpen B. Takipsilim.

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