Alexandra Eldridge







       Grace, 72×48




       The Cosmic Egg, 36×48




       Movement of the Psyche, 36×36




       As Above So below, 16×20″


       Guardians of Twilight, 80×36″


       She Rises, 36×48″


       The Ceaseless Process of Becoming, 60×48″




Alexandra Eldridge’s exhibition, The Land of Dreams is Better Far, opens at Nuart Gallery in Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 26th, 5-7 PM.













 Alexandra Eldridge, born of artist parents received her BA in Art and literature at Ohio University. She co-founded an establishment for the arts, Golgonooza, based upon the philosophies of William Blake. She has had over 40 solo shows, and has participated in many group shows throughout the U.S. as well as many international exhibitions.


 She has exhibited in Paris, London, Belgrade, Ljubljana, New York, California, and Santa Fe. Alexandra has painted murals in the Place de Vosges, Paris, and her work has been used for the cover of twenty books of poetry. Travelling, as an important part of her inspiration has led her to artist’s residencies on the Island of Elba, Italy, and the Valparaiso Foundation in Spain. Alexandra has been featured in Art News, Art LTD, Art On Paper, New American Painting, and American Art Collector.  Her work can be found in the collections of William Hurt, Steve Buscemi, and Edie Falco, along with many other prestigious collections.

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