Alberto D’Assumpcao







Debate on Archetypal Expressionism




       « BEGIN » (oil on canvas, 150 x 100 cm, 1996)




       « FRAGMENTS OF A SOUL – II » (oil on canvas, 80 x80 cm, 2005)




       « VERTIGO » (oil on canvas, 100 x 73 cm, 1998)




       « RAINBOW » (oil on canvas, 90 x 120 cm, 2000/2012)




Robert Delaunay’s Orphism could be considered one of the possible roots of the art vision of the Portuguese visual artist Alberto D’Assumpção, but his art is more complex and thought provocative. The same focus on the primacy of colour, the preference for pure and luminous juxtaposed complementary colours, the free organization of the visual elements, using motifs like ”fragmented rainbows”, much more connected to the inner life and its musical structure than to the exterior world.







An outstanding member of the Archetypal Expressionism Group (he was among the first visual artists who joined the group, in October 2007), Alberto seems to look for the essential reality of the soul of the universe, like the famous Romanian sculptor, Constantin Brancusi, the best representative of Archetypal Expressionism, in my opinion.

His vortex of forms, the multifaceted oscillation between planes and volumes (similar to El Lissitzky approaches) and the strange impression due to the reversibility of such forms, pure archetypes of a celestial visual hierarchy, create a sweet and secrete coherence, appealing directly to our sensibility like the music of spheres. All his impressive compositions describe a ”perpetual movement” like the universe itself, and the colours and their harmony are almost Divine.

There are few allusions to the visible world in his expressive and impressive art, like the beautiful gothic and Romanic windows, which remind us the passage between inner and outer, but always crossed by the intimate interchange of the cosmic fine and bright structures. In his iconography of ideal objects, we may find very frequent the green spheres, maybe archetypes of the vivid and moral perfection.

I know Alberto, my friend, is in love with the moral perfection. That’s why he is maybe the last Don Quixote of our time, including here his obsession for the pure art. Maybe a true model for the art of the future, a ”vertigo”of beauty, the opposite of the actual dominant trends on the art market. A model of universal amplitude. Alberto deserves to be discovered by an extra-terrestrial art dealer, to focus his art at the scale of the universe.

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Constantin SEVERIN















Son of the Portuguese painter Manuel D’Assumpcao was born in Lisbon in 1956.


He exhibits regularly since 1989. He’s a Fellow of RSA, London. With the artists Adrian Bayreuther, Constantin Severin, Harriette Lawler, Izabella Pavlushko and Olga Dmytrenko constitute the international group “3rd Paradigm”. He’s also a Member of “Portuguese Authors Society”, “International Illustrated Letter Writing Society”, “Artists for Peace” and “Archetypal Expressionism”. His paintings are showed in several collections such as Bank of Portugal,Cupertino de Miranda’s Foundation, C. M. Barcelos, C. M. Sousel,  J.P.F., Pascoaes House, and the poet António Pinheiro Guimaraes Family and other private collections in Portugal and other Countries.


He has participated as a member of the Jury in the 2nd and the 3rd Biennial International of Youth Art of “Vila Verde” village. He was selected by the International Jury to participate at the 4th International Biennial of Contemporary Art of Firenze, Italy. He was selected to participate at the “BIRD 2005 International Art Award, Beijing – China, and 1st International Art Biennial of Chapingo, Mexico.

Together with Maria Isabel D’Assumpcao, creates modern tapestry in typical Portuguese “Arraiolos” with exclusive designs.



  • 2nd Place Award in “BIRD 2005 International Art Award”, Beijing – China.
  • 3rd Place award in the “ art Project: the Light” (2006), Czestochowa, Poland.
  • 1st Place award in the “3th Artperiscope Artwork Competition” (2008), Czestochowa, Poland.
  • Silver Award, Artmajeur, 2010.
  • Diploma of Excellence (Honorable Award), 1st Ibiennial  of Contemporary Art, Artoteque, London, England.



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