Alan Jude Moore







Ship Street


the castle sits on top

of streams and remains

buried deep in the solid

tracts of all that time

passed since founding


since walls formed

over forgotten gold and silver

running beneath us

in underground seams

another thing undiscovered


like the bore holes

and well shafts silted over

half driven into the world

our small communication

measured in torsion


our paw prints marked

on iron railings and steps

straightened up on exit

tunnels left to fold themselves

back into the earth



          from Strasbourg (Salmon Poetry, 2010)




One Evening at the Well


in a garden neither of us know
beneath a lemon tree or similar
washer women dip their fingers in the moon
dying your dress in saffron and gold

as they work each fibre into another
they dispel themselves
what they ever were
working inwards to what remains

in a house neither of us has been
a sort of observatory is revealed
where stars are falling too quickly
so this morning you might come

to a cage with no key or mechanism
where someone’s hand is cuffed to a spider web
to imagine for a moment
they are breaking free

in the ripple of light across elevator doors
and the one note hum of laundrette machines
from the yellowing figures dripping on the floor
from the women the tides and the leaves



          from Zinger (Salmon Poetry, 2013)






Greenland is breaking off the port side

the plane we travel on tilted

drawn back by the earth now and then

Beneath us ice packs open across melting outposts

and terminal glaciers find their way

again into valleys and streams

inching out of mountains

new drifts begin to build and

in our heaving transport

we chart a course that it might be altered


Greenland is breaking off the port side:

we move with the speed of hot metal and kerosene

above the traces of future states

by which the states we know

will be consumed and replaced



          from Zinger (Salmon Poetry, 2013)











Alan Jude Moore is from Dublin. His work has been widely published in Ireland, the UK and the USA, including recently in The Manhattan Review, The Atlanta Review and The Stinging Fly. His most recent collection, Zinger, was published by Salmon Poetry in 2013.


His website is

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