Ahmad Al-khatat







Freedom, an integral part of every individual on earth.




As one immigrant,

I always seek for

Freedom in exile.


I thought it was

In a can or frozen

Food, or a liquor.


So many confusions,

A few long questions,

Nobody have the facts.


I did math with letters,

I got Aero in percentage,

Joy versus grief in numbers.


I read the moon diary,

From the sun rays to

Find the answers I need it.


The freedom on earth,

It’s becoming a nightmare,

Humans are now animals.


Teenagers are growing fast,

Adults are falling in depression,

Parents are walking separate it.


Keep up with the Kardashians,

Your dream to be Kim or Khloe,

Learn from their lives and live.


Freedom it’s a new religion,

With a holy magazine of Playboy,

Awful fantasies are the prayer.


The pastor of church weeps,

The nun become one striper,

The sinner owns Jesus Chris.


The devil win over freedom,

Fighters kill their own relatives,

No mercy to baby breast milking.


The poet writes and nobody read,

The homeless attend all funerals,

And the poems die in bible verses.


The freedom on earth it’s a miracle,

The magicians cannot change it,

As long as humans run carelessly.







Happiness, an integral part of Christmas




Joys faces arises more

During Christmas days

Selfishness and hatred

Dollars fly away easily


Widow stays by tears

Couple decor the tree

Orphan sees the snow

Rich steals of homeless


Dreams melt with snow

Death hid above wishes

Hopes die with bombs

Refuges breath of blood


Santa weeps and weeps

Syria kids thing of space

They have no more land

For Santa to come now


Santa cries and cries

Kids in Iraq forget him

Isis creates their own

Fearful and terrifying


Santa drink and drink

Kids in Palestine died

Israeli makes his own

Stingy to give a penny


Foundations shut down

African kids blame God

Their tears are now blood

Humanity still shopping


Youth smoke illegal drugs

No mind to buy the grace

Youth drink visible Cancer

Without seeking the wisdom


In exile,

Everyone does a gift exchange

In homeland,

Everyone shares one slice of bread…







Pain, an integral part of Love




Not all the flowers are bloom to lovers,

just like my unexpected feelings to you,

we talk and laugh like friends but why

I feel our words hid emotional rhymes.


In your eyes I pour your tears above

My wounds so you help me to smile

Without realizing I am cutting myself

To make you a one real loving friend.


Forgive my eyes rolling around you,

I cannot watch your lips whispering

Their color it’s the scent to dry mine

And once you talk I would kiss them.


The sunshine all over the world but

Becomes clouds of jealously upon us

So we laugh by thinking we are walking

In moments above the sky of heaven.


The night isn’t for fantasies dreamers

You and me could dance on the sea

With the moon singing to the lovebirds

And stars leading us to one cottage.


Whenever I think of you in my mind,

Grieves arises from the bleeding rose,

That talk to angels about our journeys,

I wish you nothing but be happy forever…


Haters break my stairs running to you

Heart breakers destroy our mini dreams

I open my eyes and smile like a fool again

Embracing the value of our best friendship.












Ahmad Al-khatat

I was born in Baghdad. From Iraq, I came to Canada at the age of 10, the same age when I wrote my very first poem back in the year 2000. I currently study Political Sciences, and move on to study Journalism at Concordia University in Montreal.


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