Adelle Foley







Wednesday morning music 1


The music feeds from

His iPhone, up to his ears

And out of his mouth




Wednesday morning music 2


Music from a car

Reminds me of the sound track

Of a French movie





Musician / Audience


He strolls as he sings

A sweet Chinese melody

To his fluffy dog




For Glenn Spearman, d. 10/8/98


Spirit of Music

Sound going every which way

Hear it in your heart




For New Orleans


As the waters fall

Let us mourn what was and praise

The music to come














Adelle Foley is a retirement administrator, an arts activist, and a writer of haiku. Her column, “High Street Neighborhood News,” appeared monthly in The MacArthur Metro.  Her poems have appeared in various magazines and textbooks. Along the Bloodline is her first book-length collection. Beat poet Michael McClure writes, “Adelle Foley’s haikus show us humanity. Their vitality and imagination shine from her compassion; from seeing things as they truly are.”





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