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Summary of work:

The work I am presenting has a lot of history, inspiration, melding of ideas and meaning behind it. I have taken my passion for photography and my inspirations from street art to create something new and unique. While in L.A I started experimenting with combining Photography and graphic art and it was when I came to France I thought of combining photography with graffiti/spray paint combined with materials I find on the streets. Since I was 18 years old I have traveled a lot to India working with homeless people and while in L.A I volunteered a lot at Skid Row bringing food to people at night, so I have a need to help those living on the streets. I came up with the idea of taking photos of people living on the streets and creating something that really represented life on the streets. I decided to combine these photos I’ve taken, with materials I find such as cardboard, wooden palettes, wooden cheese crates and cover them in spray paint. I then make stencils of political slogans to show what the government is saying they want to happen and I show what is really happening. I want my art to speak on its own and represent something greater than myself.








sitting here
on an decaying wooden bench
on a river called the rhône
observing it flowing by
as the lights bleed down it
I contemplate this existence
As life goes by
The darkness persuades me to
remain here and sit in my thoughts
and have a conversation with the universe
new understandings peel away
the layers of the sky
and it’s a beautiful thing


a darkened mind
can never find the light
in the dusk
even the sun seems like
a black hole
the black of an eye fills empty
and the shadow lingers hollow
pressure tightens on the mind
and your space is frozen
hoping the warmth of a heart
will melt this pain


city street lit montage
and souls bleed into this
i sit in wonder
of what keeps passing by
all these bodies have thoughts
of why we’re born into this
junky fashionist
dress for their next fix
the world is falling apart
reconfigure everything you are
the sun is breathing new light
and space will carry it through time
to you..
can it ever run out?
will the creative force ever tire?
where is the end?
or does the end always replenish
a reformation of consciousness
in new form
the same blood, bleeding
the same breath, breathing
the same water, running
soaked up by bodies
an evaporation endures them
back into the stars
a dissolvment
into the universe
is the one will we are given


I am lost in every moment
so I look beyond it
and see that I am stagnant
I strive to move forward
and be life unfolding
I no longer wish to remain
under the feeling
Moonlight is flickering
with the lights off
and the wind is
whispering blaspheme
which I prefer to get lost in
Being persuaded by a Friday night
Morning depression takes over
Empty glass filling the streets
A preferable night of silence
ensues me
The emptiness of a clock
fills my night
where all I do is wait for nothing
The heavy pressure consolidation
weighs down my body
This friction holds me down
Leaving me in this place
























A conversation w/Adam Ferguson w/Roxanne Brousseau-Félio on location in Lyon, France.







Love of Islam























This is a short film I made and I composed the music.














My name is Adam Ferguson and I am an artist originally from Vermont, United States where I developed a sense of who I am through things like Nature, Music and Photography. At 18 I traveled to India and traveled the world for 3 years teaching English and helping children living on the streets of places like Kolkata and Delhi, India. After this  the city of Los Angeles started calling me, so at 21 I made the move to Venice Beach where I lived and studied Photography at Santa Monica College and Music Production at Audio Graph International in Santa Monica. At this time I was pursuing music and recording albums and playing shows. I then moved back to Vermont for 2 years and worked as a photographer for an online business, before returning  to Los Angeles where I began working more on my photography and doing some exhibitions in L.A.  Soon after I married my now wife who is from France and we decided to move to the city of Lyon, France. Since I have been in Lyon I developed my new style of art where I combine photography with graffiti to create something new. I am always looking to evolve and change and try new things and come up with interesting concepts. For me that is what art is all about.



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