FEEDBACK screen capture via LIVE@_8_O_8_ & Los Angeles





Artist _8_O_8_ studied Fine Arts at the University of Florida. Since 2005, he has focused on combining/creating art through an international networked performance space, a tool he developed to create in and inform the art making process.

This custom web application combines multi-screen real-time live webcams and video feeds, audio and texting and countless other media that collide and intermix in an experimental environment, projected in galleries, via artist’s studios and communities.  The creation of this virtual direction is defined as a temporary communication space created between artists and facilitated through the use of emergent technology.

Many events/sessions have been produced over the years reaching over 50 countries and hundreds of artists in an exchange that continues to this day. His work associates the creative psychological perceptions/manifestations of interactions and reactions.




_Sonny_vs._Turbo_ by _8_O_8_

5’x 6’ charcoal and conte crayon on primed canvas










TOMODACHI vs. RAGE  screen capture via LIVE@_8_O_8_ &  Japan




The shared digital space between artists unfolds a collective mix of the individual psyche of the participants as they relate and engage creatively, spontaneously in art making from remote locations in the global community.

It’s a zone of participation, input, response, and transformation that beckons one toward openness, spontaneity and improvisation.

In _8_O_8_’s words: “It’s a cultural cognitive exchange where art making happens over the Internet in real-time. Every artist is an active player in the co-evolution of mixing from multi-expressive forms and media, we witness and produce works of art from a shared collective process via an experimental environment.”  




Collective Live Art Happenings:

2012 Twelve-6-Twelve via Italy

2012 Waltzing with VanGogh via Kentucky & Island Earth Recording Studio.

2012 Sintax via Chicago

2011 Tomodachi vs Rage via Japan.

2011 Feedback via Los Angeles, LACDA.

2010. Ring of Fire

2010 Ms. Perceptions via Canada, Trinity Gallery, Shenkman Arts Centre.

2009  Ship of Fools via Australia.

2009  What a Dream via Estonia, ~ Soo Soo Gallery.

2008  Small Rays of Hope Fragments of a Larger Idea via New York ~ Rhonda Schaller Gallery














“Having the opportunity of been one of the participants, has been one of the greatest activities I have ever been part of as an artist. Personally, I want to thank you all for your effort and enthusiasm to make this Feed Back project become a reality. The freedom we all experienced to express our thoughts and imagination, has been an important issue that should be part of this reflexion. Mostly because we had the feeling of been part of something greater and more universal. No boundaries of any kind! Just pure and fresh impulses through the web, and the possibility to interact with others around the world. Thank you very much you all. I’ll keep this moment as one of the best experiences in my life. My love to all of you….” Jorge Llaca (link), Mexico

“It is very refreshing to work with such encouraging, gifted and articulate persons! The performance was an absolute smash at the gallery and, after the long complex set up was complete, everything ran quite smoothly. There were TONS of people coming through the gallery, the flow of people circulating in the space worked really well. We have lots of footage from the performance we can piece together (multiple cameras). I hope we got some footage of the dropped jaws, smiles, laughter, and general OMG looks on people’s faces as they witnessed what was transpiring. The vitality in the room was extreme to say the least. When things really heated up at the gallery, we sort of took off into our own improvisational space out of necessity. We had to go with what was working in the moment as things organically shaped up while executing the performance. It is my hope it mixed well with what was going on with all of our collaborators online. The whole thing was more than a little bit willy nilly. I am very, very pleased and had a fun and fulfilling experience. Our collaborators here at the gallery were extremely happy with how it went, and were most grateful to be part of the effort. Thanks so so much for generating so much for this very substantial undertaking, the result was nothing less than explosive! ”

 Best,  Rex Bruce, Director, Los Angeles, http://www.lacda.com (link)

“A brilliant idea that allows you to meet and share experiences through different art streaming link, successful and exciting initiative. I lived the moments live with emotion, aware of his ability to convey my respects to the intensity and passion with which I write. I could appreciate who was logged on and discovered that the artists all over the world can tune in and « vibrate » in unison.” Maristella Angels , Italy








What do you mean I’m playing out of key!





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